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Idiom, the specialist of courses for adults.

Individual or group courses, general or business French.

EXEC - Executive Course

  • General French course in a mini group
  • Intensive course for adults
  • 3 participants on average (maximum 4 participants)
  • Age of participants : at least 21 years
  • 30 lessons of 45 minutes per week (that means 22, 5 hours of class)
  • 3 course units per day: vocabulary + grammar + communication
  • 3 different teachers for these 3 units
  • Course from 8:00 to 13:00 from Monday to Friday
  • Courses start every Monday, except for students with elementary level (A1). Dates for elementary students : 06/01, 27/01, 17/02, 09/03, 30/03, 20/04, 11/05, 02/06, 15/06, 29/06, 13/07, 27/07, 10/08, 24/08, 07/09, 21/09, 05/10, 19/10, 09/11, 30/11/2020. Complete beginners are not accepted.
  • Duration of course: at your choice (minimum: 1 week; maximum: 3 months for elementary students, 2 months for other levels)
  • Price per week : 800 € excl VAT / 960 € incl VAT
  • Additional private lessons can be booked in the afternoons (PAL, PAL10, PAL20, LUNCH).

The most important advantages:

 Mini group means that you will talk a lot with your teacher and the other students.

A very intensive course thus rapid progress in a short time for very busy people

 A complete and very structured course to learn oral and written French in a friendly but also in an eager learning atmosphere amongst adults.

I choose this course because :

« I want a very intensive French course since I only have little time to improve my French. I want to talk a lot and therefore I choose the mini group. It is guaranteed that I will be together with very motivated participants. Furthermore, I would like to decide the starting date and the duration of the course. »

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