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Idiom, the specialist of courses for adults.

Individual or group courses, general or business French.

The reference of quality

 Idiom is a member of the professional group FLE. In order to comply with the requirements of this organization the school is regularly audited which allows an effective quality control of the programmes, teaching methods and services offered. Idiom rigorously complies with the European norm NF EN 14804 in matters of language travel organisation.

For a school to be eligible for admittance to the GFLE, it has to be able to show that it responds to the standards of quality detailed in our Reference Document, which covers the following areas:

1 - A structured organisation
2 - Adapted Premises
3 - An attentive reception of students
4 - A corresponding professional framework
5 - Qualified Staff
6 - Efficient pedagogy
7 - A healthy study environment 
8 - A loyal sales policy
9 - An honest and sincere communications strategy 

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Due to an agreement with the German Ministry of Education in Hamburg the courses dispensed by Idiom are recognized as professional training sessions. Please contact us for further information.

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Idiom is also recognized by the French Ministry of Labour as an official institute for professional training under the number 93 06 02610 06 and is therefore authorized to draw up contracts for employees and employers for professional language training sessions.